Rock Climbing in Nepal

Rock Climbing is becoming one of the hottest sports to do in Nepal due to the awesome natural rock faces in majestic settings. There are a number of terrific places for those who wish to crawl.

It is only recently that rock climbing gained popularity in Nepal. Today, it is an important activity for tourists and locals alike. Trekking agencies too have jumped into the bandwagon and some of them now offer the rock climbing experience.

Most of the rock-climbing spots in Nepal are situated to the north and northwest of the Kathmandu valley. Nagarjun and Shivapuri are among the popular climbing places in Nepal. Shivapuri and Nagarjuna are wildlife hotspots too. Hence, your rock climbing experience is combined with bird watching and experiencing the valley’s wilds.

If you are not making it to the highest with the country’s peaks, rock climbing is an opportunity for you to get higher.