Walk to Dahachowk

A short walk up the highway leads to a road that goes up towards Dahachowk through the dirt road and brick factories. Few minute walk through the road and you will find yourself smelling the fresh air and coming closer to a village. On the way comes a Devi (goddess) temple and from here, an hour climb takes you to a road that runs right to left leading towards a forest. There is also a road leading straight up. There are few houses where people practice mushroom farming.

Ten minutes walk from the farms takes you to the forest area which is guarded by a uniformed man and the forest, watched over by forest department has some rules and regulations that people entering it are expected to follow. The path going up towards the grassy knoll takes you to the hill top with the excellent views of the mountains and the beautiful well cut grass. On a clear day, the splendid Langtang mountain range can be seen from here and also the Ganesh massif and Himalchuli are seen which makes the place practically surrounded by the magnificent mountains.

daha chowk

Few minute climb from here takes you to a school and a teashop behind which there is an open space from where the mountain views look even better. Some more exciting views along the climb and then you head down towards the pond next to a temple which gives the name to the place as Daha means ‘pond’. Among the various routes there, the longer route will let you enjoy more views of the hillside terraces and the forest below along with some flaming red trees adding color to the landscape. Another hour walk down the road and you reach Ramkot. Walking along the motor track will take you to a tea shop and houses. Following the dirt road, you will reach the black topped road and walking along it will take you to Sitapaila from where the road starts descending towards Swayambhu. The walk from Dahachowk is easy, yet, full of adventures and one of the best ways of spending a weekend.