Young artist Vishnu Tuladhar

Vishnu Tuladhar is a young artist who has a degree in Information Technology and is involved in developing software, composing music, arranging scores and singing. Although he doesn’t remember when he entered into the field of music, he remembers hitting his first note of piano at the age of five and then releasing his first music video Aaiina, produced by Sushant Singh Thakuri and directed by Pradeep Kaspal at the age of eighteen.

His grandfather, who was a bhajan singer, bought him a grand piano and inspired him to learn. He started writing lyrics and composed his first song at the age of thirteen. His first song to be recorded in a studio was ‘we want peace’. When he was a kid, his songs were arranged and composed by Rabin Darshandhari, however, now, he composes and arranges his songs himself and has also arranged and composed songs for other artists. He believes that to compose a good music, one must have good lyrics along with dedication and the feeling towards the song.

[youtube][/youtube] He has also studied jazz music and piano for a month in China. Although he found it difficult at initial stage, he slowly got used to the language and other changes. He also gave music to Chinese songs after sometime. Jazz in Nepal has some possibility and might even have safe future ahead, however, it is not everyone’s favorite. Although he seems satisfied with what he has achieved, he is not completely satisfied and wants more from life. He is passionate about software development, photography and traveling beside music. His music video ‘peace’ has a public message for the Nepalese demanding peace in the country and to stop them from fighting and killing each other.

This young artist Vishnu Tuladhar misses his friends whenever he is on tour for his musical performance or business purpose.