Guthi Australia, promoting Newari Culture

Guthi Australia is a community-based, non-profit and volunteer driven organization in Australia. It aims to raise awareness regarding Newari cultural heritage and to contribute towards Newari cultural preservation in Australia, Nepal and other countries.


The objectives of Guthi Australia are tied to its vision. They are:

Undertake primary and secondary research on Newari cultural heritage

Preserve and promote Newari culture and traditions, language, rites and rituals, music, art and dance

Generate interest of Newari cultural heritage in Australia to promote cultural diversity

Provide a platform for individuals to express their ideas and to provide them with opportunities for growth and development through information dissemination, skills development and capacity building

Mobilize youth as active agents in cultural heritage conservation

Ensure better integration of the Newari community into mainstream Australian culture

Foster ties with compatriots and collaborate with organizations in various countries to undertake various activities.

Guthi Australia
PO Box 277
Marrickville, NSW
Phone: 0401 977 797
Helping Guthi Nepal in promoting Newari culture is one of the most noble tasks that we can do.