Kohler generator sets in Nepal

In a country like Nepal where load shedding has become a daily ritual, the manufacturers and distributors of the alternative forms of current like invertors and generators definitely have a great scope and market. Rising above and ruling the market is the US based generator brand Kohler.

Infratech Pvt. Ltd. (IPL), the sole authorized distributor of the brand in Nepal, entered the Nepali market sometime during the 1980s and it gained the permission as the sole authorized distributor of Kohler gen-sets in the year 2009. It has sold around 1000 generators of the Kohler brand all over the country till date, according to the company. It has also positioned itself as the single largest gen-set distributor company by commanding over 20 percent market share.

It imports generators from 5k VA to 630k VA from India while the generators that exceed the above mentioned powers are imported from countries like China, Singapore and France. The brand was already popular among the industries and it has recently gained popularity among the households and corporate houses as well. And despite the neck-to-neck competition from other companies, IPL believes their position will not be shacked off.

At present (2012), Kohler is selling diesel-run generators in the domestic market and the sets are compact in size, good looking, have heavy-duty performance and reduced sound emission. The cost of 5k VA to 3,000k VA gen-sets varies from around Rs 300,000 to Rs 30 million with a warranty of 2 years or 5000 hours for 15k VA to 250k VA gen-sets and one year warranty for 320k VA to 630k VA gen-sets. They also have an after sales service centers in Kathmandu, Birgunj and Biratnagar. Moreover, they have one engineer from Kohler India residing in Nepal to ensure the product quality and one and a half dozen service engineers trained from Kohler India. The goods that are introduced in the market are put through demo reliability tests where the generator sets are run for 1,000 hours at varying loads to ensure the quality of the products. They also provide digital controller along with the gen-set and an accurate fuel consumption rate on spec sheet varying with respect to the load.

The major reasons behind the success of the brand in Nepali market are the appropriate timing of business inception, brand image with value for money products and after sales services. The major buyers or the clients of the brand in Nepali markets are especially the five star hotels, industries, etc.