Lapsiko titaura

Titauras are one of the most common food items in Nepal, usually made from fruits. As you pass through the New Road gate, on your right, you will find chains of shops selling those sweet, sour and spicy titauras. Kathmandu is famous for titaura and people who come to visit Kathmandu from other parts of Nepal make sure to take titaura back with them as a souvenir as well as gifts to their friends and dear ones.

These tangy, sweet and sour items comes in different varieties and are made of different fruits, however, the most common of them all is the lapsiko titaura, made from the lapsi fruit, scientifically known as Choerospondias axillaries. This fruit turns greenish yellow when it is ripe and has a single seed inside giving sour taste to the tongue. The process of making lapsiko achar and lapsiko titaura is more or less similar.


For making titaura, first of all, the fruit is collected in huge bowls and is set to boil. The seed, after boiling, is separated from the flesh and then, the flesh is blended and poured into huge wooden moulds and left in the sun to sun-dry them. The flesh is made into sticky gravy and is mixed with salt, sugar, chili and other spices in order to give them the variant tastes like sweet, sour and hot titauras. Lapsi candies are also one of the most popular and favorite munch-on for the kids as well as the elders and the lapsiko titaura is an altime favorite for many.

Not only in the shops near the New Road gate but also many other places in Kathmandu sells titauras, mostly going by the name of Ratnapark Pau Bhandar. Also, known as pau, these titauras are quite famous souvenirs to be taken back home from Kathmandu.