Nepal Art Council

Do you like art? An art lover is always in search of some wonderful works by various artists, old or new and if you are one of them and looking for a place to spend time observing the various arts, here in Nepal, then the Nepal Art Council is the destination you have been looking for. Established in 1963 under the chairmanship of Kritinidhi Bista, the council displays both local and international artworks which are both traditional and contemporary, and is committed to broaden its horizons of local art lovers. Initially it was only a single room located in the Road Department’s Office but today, it has a building of its own that was constructed in 1991.nepal art council

Located in Baber Mahal, Kathmandu, opposite to road development office, the council regularly conducts a variety of excellent exhibitions in its massive exhibition area and attracts all people from every walk of life who are actually curious about art forms and want to know more. It is a government organization which offers the opportunity to become more familiar with the art world to the locals and any other interested people. It holds regular art exhibition rather than focusing on art sales and supporting a permanent gallery. The gallery might feature a variety of local art or focus on the art from one particular nation or enjoy a combination of both in its large and wide exhibition area. For its choice of exhibitions held here, the gallery has gained an international reputation for exhibition excellence.

Although the major focus of the council has always been the gallery, a small art library was also established during the late 2000s. The council encourages the creativity in the people in terms of art that constitutes of paintings, photography, sculpture, etc. Interested and creative artists might take their samples of work to the Nepal Art Council and can book the gallery for your own exhibition.

For further information regarding the exhibitions (for booking or ongoing exhibitions), please call +977-1-4220735.