Former Miss Nepal Asia Pacific Sarah Gurung

Former Miss Nepal Asia Pacific in 2005, Sarah Gurung is a bit sensitive and emotional but down to earth person who loves to help needy person and kids. She currently lives in West Coast, California with her husband. She had visited Nepal and participated with medical trek working as an ambassador for the Cancer Relief Society. She is pursuing her associated degree and planning on getting her dental assisting certification.

Being crowned as Miss Nepal Asia Pacific was the happiest days of her life that she would never forget. The nervousness gradually changing into confidence made her all happy and excited and emotional at the same time. Although she initially participated in the pageant with no particular reason, she started feeling love and pride for her country and culture once she had entered and it gave her new passion and connected her to her home in a way that could never be taken away.

sarah gurung

She fulfilled her goal of helping the kids and needy people by working as an ambassador for the Cancer Relief Society and volunteering for them, after she won the title. She fulfilled her dream by participating in the medical trek in which she came with the doctors and medical supplies to visit the remote villages and met and helped the children and people there.

She considers her grandmother as her role model who taught her many good things in life and also the value of family. Success, for her, is to have a family one could be proud of. This down to earth person likes to treat everyone equally and is always eager to offer her help. She can’t see the sufferings or pain of others. Interested in dancing and interior designing, she loves watching sports with her husband and cooking for the family. Although she realizes she had got married at the peak of her career and misses her work, she is happy being married to a person who is supportive, trusting, caring and hardworking.

This confident and down to earth person loves to spend her free time at home playing games, watching television, watching sports and movies. Besides pursuing her associate degree in dental science, Sarah Gurung is also involved in fashion shows taking place there.