Nepal Television

Nepal Television or the NTV was established in January 1985 with the slogan “Communication for Development.” Today, it is the only channel accessible all over the country.

Nepal Television is committed to promoting pluralism and protecting the typical Nepali cultures and strengthening the national unity. Nepal Television has earned the reputation in the production of documentaries on areas of historical and cultural importance. It also practices risk-journalism.

NTV has continuously strengthened its technological capacity. It is now airing programs through terrestrial, satellite and digital networking. The signal of Nepal Television covers more than 50 countries which also blankets 50 percent of the total land mass and reaches to 72 percent of the country’s population.

NTV’s role as a public broadcasting agency is commendable for bringing about social change and people’s awareness. It has been raising the people’s voices for peace and prosperity and enhancing the dignity of Nepal at home and abroad.

With its headquarters in Kathmandu, NTV has been producing and broadcasting news, documentaries, soap operas, comedy shows and interviews. It incorporates politics, economy, health, culture, ecology, sports, human rights and other issues of social life in them.


Nepal Television
Singha Durbar
Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: +977 1-420 0348
Fax: +977 1-420 0212