Nepali movie Parkhi Base

The Nepali movie Parkhi Base was produced under the banner Gopi Krishna Movies. Starring Raj Bhallav Koirala and Yuna Upetri in the leading roles, the movie was a success in box office. The movie was a debut by both the leading actors and it was actually a risk on the film maker’s part to take the new faces in the industry where most of the audience prefers to see the same old actors and actresses. The movie is a romantic musical where both the actor and actress dreams of becoming a successful singer.


The movie is more of a flashback that Raj describes as a story to a group of college students returning back to Kathmandu from their tour. While he boards their bus, they ask him to tell his story and thus, the movie begins. Directed by Deepak Shrestha, the movie is a romantic musical drama that unfolds the story of two lives tangled together. A small village boy Raj, who dreams of becoming a successful singer, is invited by a man to Kathmandu but by the time he reaches there, the man is dead. Uncertain and lost in the big city, he is attacked by a group of hooligans but, is of course, saved by Nikhil Upetri. Once during Tihar, when Raj sings his heart out, the song touches the heart of the heroine. Next time, she comes looking for him but seeing him fight, hates his guts and without realizing that the he is the same person she has been looking for, she leaves the place. Their meetings are constantly disturbed by one reason or another and one day accidently, she loses her eye sight. Guess who is the reason behind it? Yes, of course, Raj. Guilty at his involvement in the accident, he decides to help her in every way he can. Slowly the love blooms without her realizing that the man she has started to love is the same man she hates for losing her eye sight.

The movie was very successful and celebrated 100 days of screening on the theatres. It also made its two leading debut actors popular and got them recognition in the Nepali film industry. Also, their chemistry was preferred by the audience and they appeared on many other movies as a couple. The movie is packed with beautiful songs, lots of action, emotional drama and romance. Well, the movie isn’t bad and is worth the watch.