Top places to visit in Gorkha

Here is the list of the top places to visit in Gorkha. There are a lot of popular sites such as Manakamana Temple, Gorakh Nath Temple and so on.

Gorkha is most popular for being the birthplace of the most respected and renowned king, Prithivi Narayan Shah, who united all the kingdoms of Nepal and formed the country. This is the place where the brave army residents of Gorkha received the most famous name, the Gorkhas or the Gorkhalis.

It is the place of historical significance with ancient monuments, museums, temples, rivers, beautiful sceneries and so on.  Upon visiting Gorkha, one can know a lot more about the history of the Nepalese people and their ancestral dynasties, kingdoms, and traditions.

Following are the top places to visit in Gorkha.