An example of determination – Jamak Ghimire

Born in Kachide village development in July 1980, Jhamak Ghimire is an aspiring writer. She was born with cerebral palsy, however, it did not discourage her will to read and write. She started learning the alphabets by hearing her sister read them. She is one of the celebrated poets of Nepal and has received many awards and is considered Nepali equivalent of Helen Keller. Writing with left foot, she has published her autobiography that was considered the highest selling book which was republished seven times within two years.

Her book ‘Jiwan Kaada ki Phool’ depicts the hardship that a person with physical disability needs to suffer. The discrimination she experienced from the society as well as others, her struggle for acknowledgement and sense of worthiness is written very well in the book. The silent feelings she had through different phases of her life, people’s attitude towards her and her will for living and doing something despite the disability is touching. Her use of language and way of writing is very good. The book is very inspiring. It gives the message that if a person is determinant and has strong will power and faith in them, nothing is impossible.

She was honored by Kabitaram Bal Sahitya Pratibha Puraskar (2055 BS), Aswikrit Bichar Sahitya Puraskar (2056 BS), Gopal Prasad Janakalyan Puraskar (2057 BS), Prabal Gorkha Dakhsin Bahu, Chautho (2057 BS), Aapanga Pratibha Puraskar (2057BS), Dr. Bimalawani Puraskar (2062BS), Honor by Government of Nepal (2063BS), Chetriya Pratibha Puraskar (2065BS) and Dhankuta Pratibha Puraskar (2066BS).

She has more than three poetry collections, one essay collection, one story collection and some article collection added to her credit.

Jhamak Ghimire is an example for all and is one of the prominent figures who inspire people to be determinant for what they want in life. If one has the strong will power, there is nothing they cannot do is the major lesson one needs to learn from her life.