Ashok Dai ko Panipuri

Hailing from the city of Birgunj in western Terai part of Nepal, Ashok Shah has been surviving on the sales of his panipuris and Chatpate for past few years. He had been catering to the needs and tastes of the junk food (panipuri and chatpate) lovers in Mangalbazar before he shifted his business to Satdobato.

Selling panipuris and chatpate has become his way of income and he makes profit of about ten to twelve thousand rupees a month after subtracting all his expenses used for buying the groceries for the stall. Two of the most popular and desired junk foods of Nepal, panipuri and chatpate are almost everyone’s favorite, especially the children and youths. Everyone has a craving for that mouth watering spicy tangy food we commonly find on the street side stalls of Nepal. He sets up his small stall at eleven in the morning and caters to the customers until 8 pm. The busiest time for him is in the afternoon when the schools finishes and the children throng around the stall demanding those mouthwatering items.

ashok dai ko panipuri

The price for a plate of panipuri is Rs 15 and the chatpate begins with Rs 20 (you are the one to decide your limit). The taste, however, is worth what you pay for. The small puris stuffed with the spicy boiled potato mixture when dipped in the spicy water gives a tangy and refreshing taste that no one could deny enjoying. Also, the perfect blend of the ingredients in the chatpate makes it delicious, just make sure you let him make it in his own way and do not impose your taste, likes and dislikes too much. Although, a plate of panipuri and chatpate together gratify your hunger, it tempts you for more.

For a while, just forget about the hygiene hustle and devour the delicious foods served in front of you. Although the stall lay at the side of a street, the area is cleaner than most of the streets in Kathmandu. The stall stands just opposite to the Downtown Apartments (that is currently under construction) and is at a junction near the Sumeru Hospital, on the way to Nagdaha (Snake Lake) from Satdobato.

For those who want to have a tangy and spicy panipuri and chatpate to excite their taste buds, a visit to Ashok dai ko panipuri stall is recommended.