In time when the world is fast growing and changing in terms of technologies, has come up as a way to connect, inform, educate and entertain people for public good without limiting it by any controlling forces. A team of creative individuals came together to form something that could reach the vast viewers and cater to their beliefs and opinion, thus came in the picture.

It does not prioritize any particular subject or contents based on the viewership rather it gives equal preference to all the topics it covers. In the period when the traditional assumptions about values and priorities are being challenged and the individual and social changes in opinions move quickly, it is trying to rise above and move towards a democratic public service and bring all parts of society together in a shared sense of perfect harmony. It offers variety of subjects and contents for public knowledge as well as opinions and beliefs and also caters to the prejudiced contents making it clear to the viewers. Its various sections dealing with the several topics help the viewer broaden their knowledge and also understand the society and people better. as its name suggests, has grown as a cyber garden with various colorful flowers (here sections) catering to the need of the people coming here to relax and be entertained and informed about their different genres. It has been and will be putting every possible effort to ensure that it has successfully reached its viewer’s expectations. With support, suggestion, praise and criticism of its viewers, it plans to further grow into a larger cyber garden.

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