Boating in Nepal

Boating is one of the many ways to relax, relieve stress and enjoy the nature around the river or the lakes. The numerous lakes and rivers in Nepal make boating one of the major attractions among the tourists as well as the locals. Be it floating slowly on the lake or playing against the rapids of the river, boating in Nepal is an incredible experience. The various lakes and rivers offer boating as an adventurous and recreational experience in many parts of Nepal.

Most famous boating destination in Nepal is the Phewa Lake in Pokhara. The island like structure in the middle of the lake housing the temple of Taal Barahi is one of the attractions here. Also, the clear view of the blue sky and the magnificent Machhapuchre (Fishtail Mountain) on the pristine waters of the Phewa Lake make it one of the favorite boating destinations. The boats could be hired for an hour or a whole day and one can choose to row her/himself or let the boatman do it. Three types of boats are available in Phewa Lake: sailboats, rowboats and pedal-driven boats.

Other boating destinations are Begnas Taal and Rupa Taal on the outskirts of Pokhara. Also, the mountain lakes like Rara, Phoksundo, etc. are magnificent in beauty and nature. However, the Phoksundo Lake is not as famous as Phewa Lake or Rara Lake because of the difficulty in reaching there. Boating could be fun all around the year except for the rainy season. Still, the best time would be winter season when the sky is clear and the majestic mountains cast their images in the crystal clear water of the lake.

Besides boating on the lakes, one could also experience boating on the rivers if visited the rivers in Terai where boating is also one of the forms of transportation during the monsoon. The local boatman would take you around the wide and wild rivers while they are up for fishing. Boating on the Koshi River in the eastern district could be thrilling and exciting as the wild waves keep the boat rocking. Along with boating, you could also enjoy fishing on some of the lakes and rivers of Nepal.

The best place for experiencing boating is definitely Nepal as it offers not only the clear and beautiful lakes and rivers but also the wilderness and splendid views of the mountains and jungles. For an incredible experience, rowing the boat yourself would be the best choice.