Here In Nepal – Frozen Yogurt

Where in Nepal can you get yourself a good cup of self-serve frozen yogurt or fro-yo, as it is popularly called? The answer is on the 7th floor of Civil Mall, Sundhara, at a newly-opened business called ChocoBerry.

What is ‘frozen yogurt’? Frozen yogurt is a frozen desert made with yogurt, or fermented milk, and can vary in taste from tart-like to something incredibly similar to ice cream. Due to the use of milk in the process instead of cream, frozen yogurt is also a less fattening alternative to the latter. In fact, when served with healthy toppings, it can easily have a really low fat content altogether. In the US and all over the world, self-serve yogurt has become a booming enterprise – and three young entrepreneurs Ashok Maharjan, Shameendra Khadka and Rijendra Pradhananga, have opened the first store of its kind in Nepal.

How do I order? At ChocoBerry, you can get yourself some tangy frozen yogurt by choosing your desired size of cup (200g and 300g paper cups available) and then selecting yogurt flavours of your choice. As the amount you pay at the counter is determined by the final weight of your cup, customers have a certain amount of control in how much they pay or eat. There are over 30 different toppings to adorn your yogurt with, ranging from healthful fruits to delights such as Oreo cookies, candies and chocolate chips, and you can put however much you desire.

With technology imported from the US, Nepal’s ChocoBerry makes self-serving an easy and fun task to do, making the process of enjoying a cup of frozen yogurt all the more enjoyable. Make sure to taste what the world is raving about – right here in Nepal!

The price rate is currently Rs. 1.25 per gram.