Momila Joshi

Momila Joshi is an icon figure in the field of Nepali literatures. She started her journey as a poet and an essayist in 1976 and since then she has been contributing to Nepali literature, gaining an honor along with many awards and recognition. To her, awards must not be given as a gesture of sympathy towards writer, but should be given because writer deserves it. She has produced works that has been of recognition and acknowledgement.

She is a simple – minded, fun – loving and has dynamism in her personality who likes to live every moment and takes the opportunities that life has to offer. She believes that there is neither present nor future as no one can predict the future and the present that the people think they are living in, transforms itself into a past in a matter of second. During writing, when she feels the need to look for reference, she doesn’t bother to flip through bulky books and read out paragraphs from essay or check on for assurance which shows her devotion and inclination towards the literature.

momila joshi

She is an intellectual person giving first priority to Nepali language and her mission is to introduce Nepali literature to the globe. She has already published many poems and essays, out of which Dancing Soul of Mount Everest was one. In her poems, she gives utmost importance to the climax and we can find fully philosophy and thoughtfulness in her poem. In the essays, she strives on making it excellent with the great twist and turns. She is a literary person who focuses on writing the poem and essays in a philosophical way rather than in a simple way. She prefers the type of poems that are not direct in usage of language and style of writing but simple poem with a deep meaning and different flavor because she believes literature should at least express and solidify core aspects of life. Currently (2011) she has been working in a 15-yr road map with Nepali Kala to introduce Nepali literature to the world.

Her works are equally meaningful and satisfying and from her journey, we also should be able to express our talent in the field of Nepali literature and make it renowned all over the world.