Professional Bikas Bank Limited

Update: The bank was acquired by Laxmi Bank Limited in 2017.

A regional level development bank established on October 17, 2007, Professional Bikas Bank Limited has authorized capital of NRs. 100 million. Promoted by one hundred and fifty one professionals from different fields such as professors, doctors, engineers, lawyers, management specialists, administrators, chartered accountants, economists, agriculturists, technical experts, marketing experts, bankers and financial specialists as well as other high level executives of Nepal government, planning and policy makers and former members of National Planning Commission, the bank has derived its name as Professional Bikas Bank Limited from the characters of its promoters. The bank, over the time, has increased its authorized capital to Rs 20 crores, issued capital to Rs 10 crores and paid up capital to Rs 10 crores.

The bank was established with the vision of becoming one of the best dynamic banks in every locations of its operation within five years. The mission of the bank is to promote the bank to one of the frontier commercial banks of national repute in the next fifteen years and to establish the bank as a good prosperity and high regards in the society.

professional development bank

The major objectives of the bank are to provide prosperity with a sound return to the shareholders, to provide a healthy, competitive and quality banking services to its clients, establish as a nationally credited development bank by providing investment opportunity to entrepreneurs of urban and rural areas and also help reduce regional economic imbalance and to contribute to national development.

The bank, to keep up with the trust and expectations of its valued customers and clients, has adopted various strategies such as promptly addressing the requirements of the clients with care, delivering quality banking services in competitive manner, taking continuous feedback from clients/customers and promoters to improve its services, fulfilling compliance of Nepal Rastra Bank’s norms and directives, building team of quality staff through recruitment of human resources on the basis of free and fare competition, utilizing and exploiting ICT for the delivery of effective and efficient services, maintaining professional integrity in the banking business, reviewing its operation and improvement of services periodically, focusing on steady growth of bank by managing the risk within a tolerable bound, conducting business in dynamic environment and managing the bank with full corporate culture.

The bank has various products and services on offer, such as Fixed Deposit, Child Saving, Student Saving, Student Saving, Shuvalav Saving, Professional Saving, Professional Easy Saving, General Saving, Professional Future Saving, Professional Social Saving, Special and Corporate Saving, Call Deposits, Professional Super Saving and Recurring Saving under deposit saving schemes and Home Construction, Land Purchase Loan, Housing, Land Development Loan, Foreign Employment Loan, Service Sector Loan, Trading Loan, Educational Loan, Personal Loan, Industrial Loan, Agricultural Loan, Hire Purchase/Vehicle Loan, Overdraft Loan, Loan Against Fixed Deposit and Deprived Sector Loan. The bank also provides remittance and other facilities through its four branch offices at Banepa, Panchkhal, Bhakundebesi and Hakimchowk to its customers.

The bank started joint operation with Diyalo Bikash Bank Limited in 2013 and merged into Professional Diyalo Bikas Bank Limited. The bank was later acquired by Laxmi Bank Limited in 2017.