Sour mango pickle

One of the popular varieties of sour pickles is the sour mango pickles. These are quite popular and most of the sour mango pickles are stored in an air tight container. These spicy pickles acts as taste enhancer and also helps in increasing appetite. Making sour mango pickle is easy, however, it takes some time. The process of making sour mango pickle is given below:


5 kg raw mangoes

1 k or 750 gm salt


Mustard seeds

Dried chilies

Fennel seeds

Cumin seeds


Kalo jeera (nigella)

Mustard oil

Asafetida (hing)



First of all, peel and wash the mangoes then cut them into pieces in shapes that you desire. Then, add salt and turmeric to it and mix thoroughly. Make sure every piece is mixed in the salt and turmeric coat. Then, keep it under the sun for drying. Stir it occasionally when left in sun. Keep it until the water dries (that takes about two to three days) and after that mix it with the spice powder mixture that contains fried mustard seeds, dried chili, fennel seeds, cumin seeds and methi (fenugreek seeds). Also, add the kalo jeera, however, without grinding it. Mix the mango pieces with the spices thoroughly. Heat some mustard oil in a pan and add asafetida into it. After it cools off, pour it over the mango pieces and mix thoroughly so that the spices are coated all over the pieces. Then, take a clean and dry air tight container and store the sour mango pickle into it for future use. When taking out the pieces of pickles from the bottle, do not use wet spoon as that may spoil the pickle.