Stunning Ama Dablam

No other mountain fascinates people like the 22, 525 feet or 6866 meters high Ama Dablam. The soaring ridges and steep faces make Ama Dablam a peak of rare beauty.

stunning ama dablam_1

It stands alone in the Solu Khumbu (Everest) valley, towering almost 10,000 feet (3,050 meters) over the famous Sherpa villages of Thyangboche and Pangboche. With no easy route to its summit, climbing Ama Dablam is reserved for dedicated alpinists, who have built skills and experience in much more than simply high altitude walking. It was first conquered on 13 March 1961 by Mike Gill (New Zealand), Barry Bishop (USA), Mike Ward (UK) and Wally Romanes (New Zealand) and they were led by Sir Edmund Hillary.

Ama Dablam derives its name from the glacier lying on its Southwest face. The glacier looks like a jewel box hanging on the neck of the mountain, hence the name Ama Dablam, literally meaning ‘The Mother’s Jewel Box’.

Mesmerizing people with its overwhelming beauty, this stunning pyramid of Ama Dablam is indeed the ‘Matterhorn of the Himalayas’.