SubhaLaxmi Finance Limited

Update: The finance company merged into Reliable Development Bank Limited in 2014.

Established in the year 2064 BS, SubhaLaxmi Finance Limited has obtained permission to operate as ‘C’ class financial institution from Nepal Rastra Bank. SubhaLaxmi is registered as a Limited Company under the Company Act 2063 BS and Bank and Financial Institution Act 2063 BS. The finance company started its full fledged operation since Kartik 15, 2064 BS, two months after it was registered. With its corporate slogan “Shubhlaxmi sabai ko lagi sadhai ko lagi”, the company has been utilizing its resources for the betterment of the economy of the country and has also been providing services from its two branches outside Kathmandu valley.


To provide financial services under the provision laid down under the Memorandum and Article of Association of the Company, Bank and Financial Institution Act 2063 BS, Nepal Rastra Bank Act 2058 BS, Company Act 2063 BS, Securities Act 2063 BS and other prevailing legal and regulatory framework is considered as the major objective of the company as a financial institution. Providing high quality financial services, participation in national economic development by financing cottage and small industries, small and medium level projects, mobilizing the scattered deposit, maximizing the shareholder equity, protecting the depositor’s interest, participating for employment generation directly or indirectly and operating as good corporate citizen in country’s financial ground are some of the services that it functions as a financial institution.

The company established with the authorized capital of NRs 400 million, issued capital of NRs 200 million and paid up capital of NRs 200 million has been promoted and directed by highly experienced and skilled bankers, industrialist, traders and other intellectuals who along with the efficient, capable and effective human resource of the company has been successful in making a mark for itself. The company share is divided into seventy to forty ratio between the promoters and general public, respectively.

The services and products provided by the company include Saving Account, Subhalaxmi Saral Bachat, Krishak Bachat Deposit, Special Saving, Shareholder’s Saving Account, Corporate Deposit, Recurring Deposit and Fixed Deposit under its saving and deposit account schemes and Hire Purchase Loan, Housing Loan, Industrial Loan, Trading Loan, Personal and Other Loan, Educational Loan, Agricultural Loan, Foreign Employment Loan, SME Loan, Social Loan, Loan Against Fixed Deposit, Share and Bond Loan, Consortium Loan, Bridge Gap Loan and Gold Loan under its loan schemes. It also provides ATM, SMS banking, remittance, cheque clearing, payment alliance with Triveni Development Bank – Chitwan and bank guarantee facilities through its head office as well as two branch offices.

The finance company entered into a merger with Reliable Finance Limited and Nepal Consumer Development Bank Limited in 2014. The merger started operating as ‘Reliable Development Bank Limited.’ The bank was later acquired by Global IME Bank Ltd. in 2017.