Dalan, most popular television series focused on social issues

Directed by Nabin Subba, Dalan is a television series aired on Nepal Television at 8:30 pm every Saturday. Although the series has been completed, it remains as one of the most popular Nepali television series in Nepal. The theme of this series was so effective and realistic that not only the people in hills (where the story is based on) but also people in Terai as well as the Kathmandu valley and around love it. Based on the social issues, especially the repression and abuse of the poor by the so-called ‘well to do landlords’, the story depicts the harsh reality that occurred in most of the hill regions of Nepal.

It not only talks about repression but also about the discrimination based on caste, faced especially by the Dalit groups in Nepal few decades back. The situation, however, is still more or less similar in most of the rural parts of Nepal. One of the major reasons for the success of the television series was its theme and presentation to which most of the people in Nepal were able to relate to. It came as a representation of the people belonging to the lower caste group in Nepal, in an attempt to become the voice of the voiceless. It represented the life and harsh reality of the people who could not speak against the injustice done to them by the landlords (jamindars).


The drama featured some of the popular faces in the entertainment industries like Anup Baral, Diya Maskey, Puran Singh Baraily and Anju Niraula in the lead roles. Produced by Puran Singh Baraily, the fifty two episodes long series was a presentation of Jagaran Media and an attempt on raising the voice of the voiceless and raising awareness of the people regarding the context. Dalan, literally meaning oppression, was mostly shot in the rural areas of Baglung district instead of a stage or a studio so the presentation was more lively and realistic. Post-production of the series was handled by AVES studio in Anamnagar, Kathmandu where the editors Shiva Puri, Kiran Giri, Rakshya Singh Rana and Arun Sharma put their best efforts to improve the presentation in every technical way possible resulting in receiving the Best Editing Award for the series.

Thus, the subject matter, theme, presentation and the rural setting of the series made Dalan different than the other television series and making it one of the most popular television series based on serious social issues like oppression and discrimination of the so-called ‘lower caste’ by the so-called ‘upper caste’.