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Best pizza places in Pokhara

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Celebrating eighty four years

Chaurasi puja or the ceremonial worship conducted during the age of 84 is one of the unique traditions of Nepal

Giving Guniu-Choli

Giving Guniu-Choli is a tradition practiced for a long time now, but has been commercialized these days. In past, parents

General Knowledge course

Learn general knowledge from videos. Grades 1 to 8

Natural History Museum of Nepal

Located on the outskirts of Kathmandu near the Swayambhunath Hill is the Natural History Museum of Nepal. The museum has

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Sweet Gojiya

Gojiya is a sweet made during the festival of Tihar during Laxmi Puja. It is more or less similar to

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Karishma Karki, record creating swimmer

Born on 18 July, 1993 in Bansbari, Kathmandu, one of the excellent swimmers of Nepal, Karishma Karki is a national

Elements used in Mha Puja

Mha Puja, literally meaning self worship, is one of the important festivals of Newar community. During this festival, people from

King Amshuverma, initiator of trade and industry in Nepal

Amshuverma was the Licchhavi King of Thakuri dynasty who ruled Nepal during the sixth century AD. This learned, bold and

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