Tarulko tarkari

Tarul or yam is one of the most popular and healthy vegetables consumed in Nepal. Its importance increases during the

Baishnav Paneer

Paneer is one of the most popular vegetarian dishes that are used during special occasions and parties. It is not

Cooking Daal Puri

Daal Puri is a traditional snack, a type of roti or paratha with daal used as fillings. It is one

Making Bagiya

Bagiya is a snack made especially in Terai region of Nepal. This salty item is made of rice flour and

Kwality Food Land

Situated in Dhobighat, Lalitpur, Kwality Food Land is not so old establishment serving to the taste of the customers for

FCUBE Cinemas

Adding up to the list of well facilitated and well equipped multiplexes in Kathmandu, FCUBE Cinemas has started operating from

French Beans with Eggs

French beans are one of the common vegetables in Nepal. There are many ways of preparing it like making a

Masaura and potato tarkari

Masaura are the dehydrated balls of black-lentil paste and minced vegetables. The black-lentil paste is made into a shape of

Fish Fry

Fish is one of the popular meat products in Nepal. Although Nepal is a landlocked country and does not have

Pork Leg Achar

Among the various types of achars made in Nepal, Pork Leg Achar is one made with the leg, especially the

Chicken Choila

One of the popular Newari dish in Nepal, Choila is a famous and desired appetizer served together with Baji (beaten

Pork Curry with Iskus

Nepal is diversified country when it comes to culture and ethnicity. People from every walks of have their own distinct

Khapse during Lhosar

Khapse, one of the most famous Tibetan cookies, is a delicacy traditionally made especially for the Tibetan Lhosar (Tibetan New

Nepali Spiced Chiya

Tea is one of the most popular drinks consumed worldwide. Not only in the places with cold climates but also

Lahure, struggles of an army man

One of the classic Nepali movies, Lahure is the story of life of an army man. The name Lahure itself

Thakali Muringakkai

Thakali food is one of the most famous traditional foods in Nepal. There are varieties of cuisines of all types

Ocean Sound in Nepal

Ocean Sound is an octagonal structure similar to that of the Indian daffali. It is primarily made with goat-skin wound

Rum Doodle for dinner

Rum Doodle is an ultimate trekker’s stop in the Himalayan country serving amazing cuisines and drinks. And not only the

Barista Lavazza Café in Nepal

Located on the first floor of Metro Park on the opposite side of the northern gate of Narayanhiti Palace Museum,

Phopke, Thakali dessert

The Thakali community of Nepal is considered to be one of the richest communities when it comes to the culinary assests of